During her final hours, Dr. Vivian Bearing, recounts her battle with cancer and struggles to accept her approaching end. Winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Margaret Edson’s play is a haunting tale of loss and meditation on life; it will be directed by Marti Lyons. In 2015, The Hypocrites were not alone in losing many beloved collaborators and friends, most of whom were taken by illness. This production of Wit will be our exploration of the complicated feelings that seized us all and an homage to those we lost.

Wit is one of the bravest plays I have ever read,” comment director Marti Lyons. “In it, Margaret Edson, the playwright faces illness, mortality and death head on through her lead character, Dr. Vivian Bearing. Through Vivian’s bout with ovarian cancer and her life-long exploration of John Donne’s Holy Sonnets, the play is an investigation of what it means to live, a meditation on what it means to die, and a mourning for the deep loss inherent in the brevity of our time on this earth.” – Marti Lyons, Director