Adapted from Pauline Viardot-Garcia’s 1904 opera Cendrillon, and many of her other compositions, Andra Velis Simon’s musical-play is an elegantly irreverent exploration of the classic fairy tale. Here, Cinderella’s version of happily-ever-after does not include acceptance by the Prince. In the actor-as-orchestra style of The Hypocrites’ Gilbert & Sullivan opera work, Artistic Director Sean Graney directs this fun holiday-time show, perfect for the whole family. From the co-adapter of H.M.S. Pinafore and director of All Our Tragic.

“I wanted to take the next step in exploring opera with my long-time collaborator Andra Velis Simon,” comment director Sean Graney. “When we came across Viardot-García’s Cendrillon, we knew we found the right project. Cinderella is elegant in its exploration of the classic fairy tale; also it manages to present the main character as an independent person rather than one completely tied to acceptance by the Prince. When we explored more of Viardot-García’s life and compositions, we discovered a deep love for the composer and her interesting life.” – Sean Graney