All Our Tragic

★★★★ from Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“…a watershed moment for off-Loop theater. By whatever alchemy, it serves the greatest collection of stories ever written – adds to them, modernizes them, makes them feel fresh, forces you to see them both strange and familiar.”

All Our Tragic is an innovative 12 hour show, which combines all 32 Greek tragedies, the work of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, into a single epic narrarive that spans over 75  years.


Highly Recommended by The Chicago Sun Times


Graney has sharpened and clarified the show, primarily through his collaboration with set designer Tom Burch, who has maintained the weighty, Aegean-hued doors of his original set but shifted from an alley configuration to a thrust stage that focuses attention (with help from lighting master Jared Moore) with far greater intensity. Costume designer Alison Siple’s work is, if possible, even more glorious this time around..”


And New City says, 


“All Our Tragic” turns away from death and embraces life. It celebrates the messy, awful, angry, passionate, broken people who all loved something they had no business loving. Like any good Greek tragedy, it achieves catharsis.”

Featuring Erin Myers (Odd Job Alice), Lauren Vogel (Odd Job Sophie), Kate Carson-Groner (Odd Job Erdie), Dana Omar (Medea, Creusa, Kalchas, Cousin Dolon), Emily Casey (Mouse, Agave, Helen), Lindsey Gavel (Alkestis, Tiresias, Iphigenia, Elektra), Tien Doman (Klytaimnestra, Dejanira, Odyssa, Glauke), Erin Barlow (Asterope, Antigone, Polyxena, Hermione), Christine Stulik (Ph.Dre, Ctessipos, Jokasta, Kassandra), Ryan Bourque (Theseus, Lynceus, Menelaus), Maximillian Lapine (Eurystheus, Polynikes, Ajax), Danny Goodman (Φiloktetes, Cadmus, Hector, Aigisthos), Luce Metrius (Jason H.Mon, Grouchy Glenus, Achilles), Zeke Sulkes (Ageus, Kreon, Neoptolemus), John Taflan (Patroklos, Oedipus, Pylades), Walter Briggs (Herakles, Pentheus the Gaunt, Agamemnon), Geoff Button (Prometheus, Eteokles, Orestes) with Breon Arzell, Will Bennett, Christopher Bryant, Rashaad Hall, Danny Martinez and Kevin Reyes
Creative team includes: Miranda Anderson (Stage Manager), Pat Fries, Amanda Clayton (Production Managers), Justine Palmisano, Casey Peek (Assistant Stage Managers), Thrisa Hodits (Second Director), Chloe Dzielak, Evan Garrett (Assistant Directors), Ryan Bourque (Violence Choreographer), Alison Siple (Costume Designer), Tom Burch (Set Designer), Danielle Case (Prop Designer), Jared Moore (Light Designer), Kevin O’Donnell (Sound Designer), Mieka van der Ploeg (Wigs, Make up and Assistant Costume Designer),Crystal Mormen (Gore Designer) and Jon Beal (Blood Specialist and Assistant Fight Designer)