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Midsummer Dream at Theater on the Lake

Co-Adapted by Tien Doman and Sean Graney
Directed by Tien Doman
July 20 – 23 at Washington Park, 5531 S. Martin Luther King Dr.
July 27 – 30 at Smith Park, 2526 W. Grand Ave.

In a play not very distinguishable from a dream, each character falls into the magic of a mysterious summer night. Follow the journey of lovers escaping to seal their love in the woods where fairies with magical powers rule. Getting tangled amongst actors rehearsing their play for the king’s wedding and a dazing search for a love potion, everyone’s love is put to the test.

With only 4 actors who also serve as designers, Midsummer Dream is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play. During the 60-minute experience, the audience becomes immersed in an intimate relationship with the actors as they never leave the performing space. As a result, Midsummer Dream intends to translate the original spirit of the play to today’s audiences.

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20th Anniversary Season